CrossPhysio was started out of a desire to do more and do better. Out of passion for movement, mobility, stability, weightlifting, fitness, and the communities that are built when people come together to support one another and improve their lives through exercise.

As providers of physical therapy, personal training, and recovery services, we strive to provide each patient, client, and athlete with the very best quality of care. Today’s healthcare system has become reactive, we strive to be a proactive company. CrossPhysio is a physical therapy and performance clinic aimed at helping the fitness athlete improve and eliminate musculoskeletal pain and movement dysfunction, while optimizing performance in and out of the gym.

We were started in order to help people, in every chapter of life, discover and build their capacities in the realms of strength and movement. We were started in order to provide rehabilitative services that promote positive changes in lifestyle and help you to live an active pain-free life.

The human body is an incredible creation, designed to do incredible things, perform incredible feats, and even recover from devastating events.

Let us help you discover your capabilities.

There is no wrong way to exercise and lead an active lifestyle. Whether you lift weights, run, practice dance or martial arts, we desire to help you stay healthy and stay active to not just increase your lifespan, but also to improve your health span and Get Better Everyday.