Whether you’re looking to improve body composition, put on muscle and size, get stronger, or just improve your overall health and well-being, we have the experienced qualified professionals who can help you obtain your goals, lead a healthier life, and look better naked!

We also specialize in movement screens/assessment – helping you move the best you can to remain strong and efficient, decreasing the risk for injury as you pursue your fitness goals.

One-on-one: $90/hour

Group Training (two-to-one):  $150/hour

Ask about packages or how you can earn free training sessions through our referral program!

Skill Sessions: We offer one-on-one 30-minute skill sessions which can be scheduled prior to or following the CrossFit class you regularly attend. Whether you’re looking to improve your olympic lifting or on the journey toward your first muscle up, we can help you obtain your goal.

30 min for $30