What is Physical Therapy?

Knee pain while squatting or running? Shoulder pain when pressing overhead, trying to perfect that handstand, or difficulty holding your snatch position? How about a nagging ache in the low back that returns after any type of physical activity. Maybe you’re fine while exercising, but following bouts of fitness getting down on the floor to play with your kids or carrying groceries in from the car is more difficult or painful than it should be.

No matter what your limitation may be, our highly trained and well experienced physical therapists utilize methods and techniques to not just treat your pain, but to also discover the root cause of pain, educate you on your symptoms, and set you up with the knowledge, tools, techniques, and strategies you’ll need to lead a healthy, active life without pain to limit daily activities or your training and fitness goals.

We believe that strength is never a weakness. We will work with you to give you the best, safe, pain-free alternatives and modifications to allow you to stay active and working toward your goals without needing to stop doing what you love or telling you what you “can’t do”.

Let us help you keep up your active lifestyle, pain-free.


  • Initial Evaluation & Assessment (75 Minutes)
    • Comprehensive evaluation and movement assessment including manual/hands-on work, corrective exercises and home exercise program to help provide you with 
      • All new clients will begin with a full evaluation and assessment session to determine any deficits, dysfunctions and help allow us discover the root cause of any pain or issues you may be dealing with.
  • Follow – Up Visit (60 Minutes)
    • Re-assess to determine progress and continue to improve pain symptoms. Provide appropriate manual therapies and progress individualized treatment plan and approach in order to continue to improve symptoms and work on corrective programming to ensure that you continue improve and progress toward your goals.


  • We accept Health Savings Account (HSA) if it covers Physical Therapy.
  • Discounted rates available for certain locations/partners.
  • We also offer package deals! Inquire at info@crossphysiopt.com if interested.

Do we take insurance?

CrossPhysio is a cash-based physical therapy practice and does not take any health insurances.

In the traditional model of physical therapy, clinicians will see anywhere from 12-15 patients per day, overlapping every half hour, in order to ensure that the clinic remains profitable. These overlapping appointments allow the therapist to see patients one-on-one for 15-30 minutes  before passing the patient off to an unlicensed rehab aide with little experience to perform exercises.

At CrossPhysio, our therapists spend the full appointment time with you. No double booking, no overlapping visit, no hand-off to an aide or assistant. Every visit is spent with a qualified, licensed, experienced Doctor of Physical Therapy. What does that mean? It means more hands-on manual therapy techniques. More progressions in strength/movement/mobility exercises and home exercise program. Full, undivided attention throughout all appointments. It means you will heal faster in less time and with less money spent.


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