Physio RXd Podcast

Physical therapy & physical fitness are not and should not be mutually exclusive. As physical therapists and CrossFit coaches, we bring these two worlds together and discuss how both can work together in the fight against the growing epidemic that is chronic disease.

Milwaukee local doctor of physical therapy/CrossFit L1, Guillermo Contreras and lifelong fitness nomad/CrossFit L1, Ryan Atkins, discuss movement, mobility, recovery, nutrition, sleep, conspiracy theories, energy drinks and more in hopes of bringing together the world of CrossFit and Physical Therapy in the battle against chronic disease.

We hope to provide insight and great conversation bi-weekly. Follow us on Instagram at @physiorxd to stay up to date on our content and thank you for listening!



CrossPhysio is proud to partner with and practice within Cream City CrossFit Co-Operative in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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