We are sharing 5 of the best online resources we follow for up to date information on the pregnancy and postpartum period. Many of these resources are also great for women outside of that timeframe, but we will dedicate a blog to that specific topic.



IG: @bunsinbalance
Website bunsinbalance.com

Kelsie is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. In her words, “I support clients in achieving optimal gut health and hormone balance through a holistic and foundational approach.” She provides tons of information on diet, supplementation, lifestyle and generally clean living from pre-conception through menopause. Her IG is filled with tips and recommendations,  and she provides one-on-one services including hair tissue mineral analysis and a 3 month nutritional therapy program . She also co-runs Take Care Co., a membership based community filled with resources for women of all ages.



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This newsletter is curated by the amazing Pelvic team from the Institute of Clinical Excellence. This group of physical therapists provide the most up to date information about pelvic health every 2 weeks. From research to podcasts to internet finds, this is a great way to stay in the know.


IG: @dr.christina_prevett 

Christina is a researcher, postdoctoral fellow in pregnancy and postpartum, a pelvic physiotherapist and faculty at the Institute of Clinical Excellence in both the Pelvic and Older Adults divisions. She also runs @thebarbellmamas. She provides a multitude of information for the pregnant and postpartum woman on her IG page, from the most up to date research, debunking myths in this population, exercise recommendations and more.


IG: @exerciseandpregnancy
Website: exerciseandpregnancy.ca

Run by Margie Davenport, exercise physiologist, researcher and professor at the University of Alberta, this website and IG account provide awesome up to date research in the field of pregnancy and postpartum health. In addition to all the latest research, she also has opportunities for women to participate in upcoming studies.


IG: @brianna.battles
Website: briannabattles.com

Both Kelsey and Marissa have taken her course work and feel the information she puts out is top notch for both the coach and athlete. Brianna teaches from both the coach and athlete perspective to allow both to “better understand the needs and demands of women training through pregnancy and returning confidently and strategically postpartum.”