Physio Rx’d

Allow our team of trained experts help you build a resilient body in order to thrive, not just get by. Whether that means “tune up” sessions for maintenance care or progressing strength programming for improving your fitness, these membership sessions are tailored to what you need each month.

Choose between 30 or 60-minute sessions, we offer flexibility that works with your schedule.

Note: A 6-month commitment is required to start. You may cancel at any time after completing the initial commitment cycle.


Can I carry over my sessions from month to month?

No. Your session expires at the end of each calendar month if it is not completed.

If I am feeling good, what will we work on during that months’ session?

Feeling good is the goal! We will use that session for anything you’d like. If you are unsure, we will use our expertise to improve your overall health and fitness. This often looks like progressive strength training to help build a more robust and resilient body to reduce risk of injury and improve your overall quality of life.

Do you provide nutritional guidance?

We can provide general recommendations but are not certified nutrition specialists. We do have trusted practitioners we can refer you to if needed.

Schedule a session.

Personalized Programming

Workouts and progression created just for you directly to an app on your phone.

Recovery + Wellness

A TLC session to address nagging soreness and pain.

Personal Training

An individualized session using strength and conditioning principles to progress you toward your fitness goals.

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