Our Services

Physical Therapy

A 60-minute individualized session to evaluate and assess your pain or limitations and create a personalized treatment plan to get you back to full function.

  • Manual therapy
  • Dry needling
  • Theraputic exercise
  • Home exercise plan

Recovery + Wellness

A 30-minute, one-on-one TLC session to address muscle soreness or tightness using multiple soft tissue techniques.

  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Dry needling
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Myofascial decompression

Personal Training

A 60-minute individualized session with a CrossFit L1 or L2 coach or physical therapist using strength and conditioning principles to progress you toward your goals.

  • Improve mobility
  • Build strength
  • Improve conditioning
  • Refine body composition

Personal Programming

Individualized programming created and progressed just for you and your fitness or body composition goals, provided directly via an app on your phone.

  • Self-paced workouts
  • Movement videos
  • Exercise dosing
  • Tailored to your goals

Pelvic Health

A 60-minute individualized session for females or males of all ages, including those pregnant or postpartum, with symptoms such as leaking, pressure or pelvic pain.

  • Thorough history
  • Detailed assessment
  • Specific treatment plan
  • Home exercise program

Physio Rx'd

A monthly membership to help you maintain a resilient body, prevent future issues from arising and accelerate recovery.

  • Flexible session options
  • Manual therapy techniques
  • Progressive strengthening
  • Tailored treatment

Why Choose Us

We believe that the world of physical therapy and fitness are meant to work together to change people’s lives. We work with vigor and passion to help our clients achieve healthyactive, and pain-free lives.

We complete comprehensive evaluations and treatment plans to help our clients achieve this goal. Whether you are looking to get out of pain or improve your performance, we create personalized plans specific to you and your goals.

Doctors in physical therapy that go above and beyond.

“The only person in Wisconsin that I trusted with physical therapy was Guillermo. He helped me get my arm strength back with unique methods that work exceptionally well. He goes above and beyond compared to what you would see from a physical therapist at your local clinic. He’s a great human and you should put your trust in him.” – Blair C.

Reliable and creative expertise in injury recovery.

“Kelsey’s hard work helped me reset a nagging hip and back injury. She moved me out of my injury and into realistic expectations to rebuild my mobility and strength. Dr. Contreras has been especially creative in helping me adapt exercises to home and work, always meeting me where I’m at. I’m so glad I found her!” – Allison J.

Attentive and empathetic individualized care.

“Dr. Contreras took me as a new patient on short notice and then proceeded to be the most thorough, knowledgeable and empathetic physical therapist I have ever had. Step by step he builds your individual profile and creates a plan and program designed specifically for you and your needs.” – Jennifer M.

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